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Update on HB156

The Fiscal Note on HB 156 (Parental leave bill) was released.  Analysts predict a cost of $8000 dollars for state systems to enact the change, but are also claiming that if 1,256 employee took advantage of the leave time, it would result in a cost of $12.6 million.  The estimate does not take into account the recruitment or retention effects the bill creates, however.

UPEA post their 2018 Legislative Priorities

The Utah Public Employee's Association recently posted the organization's legislative priorities for the 2018 session -- the document can be viewed here:

UPEA Priorities

Meet your 22 2018 legislators representing Utah County

HB 156 update

HB 156 update
The status for HB0156 - Family Leave Amendments (Weight, E.) has changed. Last Action: House/ 1st reading (Introduced) Last Location: House Rules Committee Recent changes:House/ 1st reading (Introduced)

Legislative Advocacy Training

Legislative Advocacy Training - University of Utah 
The Alumni Association of the University of Utah is holding a legislative advocacy training session for people who have signed up to be advocates on behalf of the University.  Info follows:

Greetings, University of Utah advocates and friends! Please save the date and plan to join us for an advocate information session starting at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 16, in the old law building at the U. Jason Perry, the U’s vice president for government relations, will provide helpful, in-depth information about the U's legislative priorities for 2018, and Frank Pignanelli will discuss tips on how to be an effective advocate. Lunch will be provided. We’ll send a reminder and more details closer to the information session. Hope to see you there.
The legislative session starts on Jan. 22, and the U is pursuing some essential and exciting goals this session.
Thank you again for being an advoca…

Parental leave bill -- update

Family leave bill -- update
House Bill 156 from Rep. Elizabeth Weight has recently been returned to the House from Legislative Research.  It has not yet been assigned to committee.
The bill would mandate 6 weeks of parental leave for state employees, including those in state higher ed. institutions.